Attleboro Education Association

An MTA and NEA affiliate

What is the LAB?


The LAB – Leadership Advisory Board – is made up of an equal number of AEA members and administrators. Each member, except the AEA president and the superintendent, also serve on one of the councils. The assistant superintendent serves on all of the committees. No member of the Main Board can chair a Council.

There are five councils (subcommittees of the LAB) at the next level of the LAB. They include:

– Human Resources (HR)
– Professional Growth (PG)
– Teaching and Learning (T&L)
– Operations and Infrastructure (O&I)
Chairmen are selected by the members of each council.

All positions filled by AEA members, other than the President and her/his designee are posted. A stipend accompanies the work and will be included in each individual paycheck.

The LAB and Councils will focus on dealing with a myriad of issues that encompass the entire district from DDMs to infrastructure to certification to budget. If contract language needs to be added, changed, or deleted it will be sent to Negotiations to be bargained into the next contract.

The LAB gives teachers a voice to make a difference, a voice in the decisions making, and a voice for our students. It will be what we make of it! We are working from the ground floor up and hope to include as many voices as are willing to share. AEA Council members represent you. Members of each council are expected to ask for your opinions and to report back to the AEA E-Board.

If you are interested in being a member of the LAB or one of the subcommittees, keep an eye out sometime in June when the positions are posted.

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