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Sick Day Buy Back

According to the 2014-17 Contract:

A low sick leave utilization stipend shall be available for teachers who are on a paid status, but
not on Workers Compensation, for an entire work year. Teachers who are eligible may redeem
sick days and will receive their stipends, either at the end of the fiscal year or at the start of the
following school year at the discretion of the School Committee, according to the following

Number of sick days used by the teacher during the school year:

Number of days that may be redeemed at the rate of $100.00/day:


4 X $100.00 = $400.00


3 X $100.00 = $300.00


2 X $100.00 = $200.00


1 X $100.00 = $100.00

If you choose to take advantage of this provision, please download and complete the attached form. All requests must be submitted to the Superintendent no later than June 1st of the school year that you are making the request.

Sick Day Buy Back

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