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Lateral Movement


0. When a teacher desires to advance [laterally] to a new column of the wage scale, he/she must document, on a form obtained from personnel office, the course work which supports
the horizontal advancement, as well as any additional courses that he/she has completed at that time, which are not being used for that horizontal advancement but which may be used for
future additional advancement. Except for the “additional courses” noted in the preceding sentence, only courses that are completed after one horizontal advancement can be used toward a subsequent horizontal advancement. In order to advance laterally on the salary scale, teachers must give written notice to the Superintendent or designee by the preceding December 1 that the teacher will likely be advancing laterally on the salary scale during the following contract year. Teachers will then provide documentation of the completion of the course work. Lateral movement on the salary schedule will be limited to the first day of the school year and the 91 st day.

If you wish to make a move on the salary scale, download and complete the attached form. Make sure that you are aware of the time lines involved.

Lateral Movement Form

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