Attleboro Education Association

An MTA and NEA affiliate


If you feel as though you have an issue that needs to be grieved, please complete the Grievance-Information-Form. Along with the worksheet are the steps and procedures that will be used if you would like to grieve an issue. At some time you should download these pages and read the information enclosed. Hopefully you will never need these sheets, but it doesn’t hurt to check them out. Please note that there is a specific time frame for the filing of a grievance.

You will need to be able to quote the article and section from the AEA Contract that specifically relates to your grievance. If you cannot find it in the contract then it cannot be grieved. However, this does not mean that something cannot be done to assist you with resolving your issue. It just means that a filing a grievance is not the way to proceed.

The “Grievance Worksheet” will also emphasis these points. The more we all know about our contract the stronger of an association we will become. Remember we can only help you with your situation – We can’t do it for you. We need you to help us help you!

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