Attleboro Education Association

An MTA and NEA affiliate




1. The performance of each professional employee shall be evaluated from time to time by his/her supervisors in accordance with the evaluation process set forth in the document, entitled Professional Employees Supervision and Evaluation System Any changes in said evaluation process shall be the subject of bargaining between the Committee and the Association.

2. Complaints received by supervisory or administrative personnel concerning a professional employee, which may have an adverse effect on the said employee’s evaluation, will be promptly brought to the attention of the professional employee. Any written report of a professional employee’s performance shall be discussed by the supervisor with such employee as soon as practical after the completion of such report and prior to its submission to the Superintendent for filing in the employee’s personnel file. The professional employee’s signature on said report shall not necessarily mean that he/she agrees with the report. The professional employee shall also have the right to answer any such report in writing. The answer shall be submitted through his/her supervisor to the Superintendent and shall be attached to the evaluation report and filed in his/her personnel file.

3. All monitoring or observation of the work performance of a professional employee will be conducted openly and with the full knowledge of such employee.

4. A copy of Professional Employees Supervision and Evaluation System will be available to all staff on the Attleboro Public Schools’ website.

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