Attleboro Education Association

An MTA and NEA affiliate


As a member of the AEA, you also enjoy the benefits of the Bristol County Educators’ Association. The BCEA has many fundraisers that help support a number of scholarships for students in the districts that are BCEA members.

In March, the BCEA hosts a yearly Legislator’s Night where locals get to attend a meet-and-greet dinner with local legislators that support education and educators. This is a chance for members to talk with legislators, and share their concerns and ideas, as well as an opportunity for educators to learn about what is happening on the government level in regards to education.

In May, the BCEA hosts a Student Banquet where the top ranking seniors in the districts that are BCEA members are honored, and some will even be awarded scholarships. That same month, the Teacher’s Banquet is organized by the BCEA to honor educators and people who support public schools. Teachers with 20-years of service, new retirees, new educators and ESPs, Friends of Education are among some of the many people recognized at this dinner.

Please visit this page or the BCEA’s web page from time to time for updates. Also, be sure to visit in January or February to download the nomination forms for those that should be honored at the Teacher Banquet. It is so important to recognize, thank and show appreciation for those that have committed their time and expertise to the field so willingly, especially now when educators need it the most.

BCEA Website

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