On June 16, 2016 the AEA Board held a special meeting per the request of the AEA members via a petition to discuss the status of the contract. The MTA Field Representative spoke first to explain to the membership the process and steps that are involved in terms of discussing the status of the contract. The VP of Negotiations Chris Cerrone followed with updating the members on the newest and most recent numbers in terms of the budget. She then made the following motion: Should the AEA authorize the negotiation team to bargain concessions with the Attleboro School Committee? The majority of the members voted “No” – almost 2 to 1. The voices of the members were heard. If you have any questions or wish to be given more information, please use the email form on this site, and someone from the Board will get back to you. The Board would also like to extend their appreciation to the large number of members who took time during this extremely busy week to attend the meeting, as well as thanking everyone for their professional and respectful manner.