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The MTA sent out new membership cards in mid-to-late August. Please go to the address below to ensure MTA has your latest information. If you did not receive a membership card, first call MTA and ask if it was sent or if there is a problem. If the problem is at the local level, email both Pat Izzi and Adeline Bee with your name, a contact number, when you joined the AEA, and the details of the problem. We will then work with you to fix whatever the issue is.
Go to to review and update your membership information.

If you have a new phone number (preferably cell), new home address, new email, or new position, would you please send Pat Izzi and Adeline Bee this information so they can also update their files? We only send out AEA information to home emails and since we are beginning the new year without a contract, it is imperative that the AEA can contact you with the latest information.
Thank you and have a great school year.

Rest assured, we are not the only ones. Please read this article from MTA Today magazine about a local Union who fought 15-months for a fair contract for their teachers with the support of the community. What is most remarkable is that these teachers ensured that their students were not affected by the issue, the community pulled together to support their teachers, the Union stood firm and reacted reasonably, and in the end the teachers earned what they deserved. As a result, the students of Stoughton will now continue to receive a high-quality education due to the fact that they are being taught by highly qualified teachers who are invested in their system - they are the true "winners."

Standing Strong in Stoughton


Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques.
The teacher is the heart of the educational system.

                                                                                                                         - Sidney Hook, American philosopher and writer

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